Dog Breeder Jan Holstege Sold Me A Sick Yorkshire Terrier.

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I purchased a 16 week old male A.K.C Yorkshire Terrier from Jan Holstege in AnnArbor MI.on October 15,2010.I was told puppy was 100% healthy, free from all congenital and hereditary defects (Guaranteed).I paid $1, .My yorkie suffered with his hind legs locking up, 2 days after purchase.Vet's diagnose, Luxtating Patellas grade 2 in both hind legs at 16 weeks old.Diagnosed again at 14 months, grade 2 luxtating patellas ,will not grow out of and will worsen in time.Est. surgery cost for both hind legs $3,200.My pup also suffered from diarrhea and vomiting at 8 months old.

Costing at least $400. for test and treatments ,pup was finally diagnosed with Food Hypersensitivity an inherited defect from a parent.Pup also had a L.cryptorhcrid inquinal,under going 2 surgeries at the time of neutering instead of the one.Extra cost.I have spent over $1,000. in vet services so far.This dose not include leg surgeries.In confronting breeder of these health issued ,she accused my vet of lying,then accused me of giving my pup all of these congenital and hereditary health problems.Jan Holstege refused to except any responsibility for her written and verbal guarantees made to me.It was only after 8 months of unsuccessful attempts to resolve this matter with breeder I then contacted the B.B.B. Finally after the closed,because of no response from breeder did I receive an e-mail from breeder.

Her request was that I give my pup to her for awhile (a 6 hour road trip for me )and she and her vet would decide his fate.If pup was not of Pet Quality she would then REPLACE him with another yorkie.Sorry,pup was under vet care at the time for his diarrhea and vomiting.I suggested a non bias vet we could both agree on, to spare my pup the stress of any changes that could worsen his health. Again no response.My yorkie was seen by two different vets from two different clinics.Diagnosed the same.I could not give pup back to such an untrustworthy breeder whom lied to me throughout this whole business transaction. A breeder who would not put one cent towards the health of one of the sick puppy she sold,a breeder who cares nothing about her customer who gave her $1,200. in good faith, believing she was a women of her word.Mrs.Holstege business practices are unethical.I believe that even with the best breeding practices in line, a sick pup can be born,,I guess that's why breeders give guarantees,they cannot be 100% sure.I'm sure if you purchased a yorkie from her and pup is healthy you will have no problems with her.

But look out, if you have a sick pup . My experience with her was horrific! Hey!

I heard of a breeder who just paid for one of her pup's heart surgery after being adopted and diagnosed by new owner's vet.. Is that a breeder that cares or what!

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I loved my yorkie that I got from Jan also the problems my dog had wasn't Jan fault its the breed. My Maggie was such a joy to my family I would absolutely purchase another yorkie from Jan.


Yoshi's was at the vet's again yesterday for the same health issues he has been suffering from since I brought him home in October 2010.He as I said will have this health problems for the rest of his life.I spent the night cleaning up blood from his rectum.He's back on medicine and treatment again.I'm at the vet's every few months for his health issues.He was walking on three legs 4 days ago because his hind leg locked up..his legs are worse in the winter.This is Yoshi's update.Oct/31/12.I still have a sick dog and not a penny from the breeder to be applied towards the health of the dog as guarantee. Live and learn.


I just realized that any one person can leave a fake name and add a comment on this site and not have to register.Meaning breeders can write their own comments...With that being said...I Chillydog would like to give you an update on my Yorkie's health condition.He still has luxtating patellas in both hind legs grade 2-3.He stills has food hyper sensitivity. He still has breathing problems.Tue, we were at the vet's,yorkie being checked for possible bladder stones.Ongoing health issues.If dogs could talk.


Update on Yorshire Terrier purchased from Jan Holstege.


I know Jan, her experience, her overall rep, her commitment to ALL her animals and dedication to her customers. Something about this ChillyDog complaint just doesn't line out. I suspect it to be a load of ***!!!


How much time and energy are you going to put into complaining about your puppy and Jan when you were given the option of returning the puppy and having it replaced? Because you decided not to return the puppy, that was your choice.

We purchased a four month old puppy from Jan in October 2011 and he is absolutely amazing. We enjoy him so much and we were so impressed with the quality of Yorkie her dogs produce, we purchased a female puppy from her in January 2012. We know our Yorkies (this makes number six) and we would highly recommend Jan for anyone who would like to have a stunningly beautiful puppy. You, Chillydog, are blowing this whole thing out of proportion, and again, because you decided not to return the puppy (and I believe it was a court order that you had 10 days or so to return the puppy) you can deal with the responsibility of being a dog owner.

Give it up! You post nasty things about Jan on numerous websites...get over it!


Listen here crazy. I have personally purchsed 3 animals from Jan.

All wich are healthy and happy... Jan has to be the most professional and nicest women I have ever met! You sound like a bableing ***. As a Vet Tech.

myself you are an ***, none of what you state is true! Your a liar and your slandering a name of a business because you werent happy with the dog YOU picked! You should have found another breeder if you were that concerned.. Your a liar and a hypocrit.

Seriously get a life.. Jan has been in business for over 30 years and I couldnt imagine doing business with anyone else..

You can always call her if you have questions and she is ALWAYS there to help.. I also reccomend her to everyone and have several friends who purchased animals and they too are very pleased clients...

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